Alcohol awareness week – Time to rethink your drink?

People in Gwynedd are being urged to ‘rethink their drink’ during Alcohol Awareness Week, which begins on Monday, 19 October.

The Gwynedd Community Safety Partnership is supporting the national Know Your Limits campaign, which is encouraging people across the country to take stock of how much they are drinking by keeping a drink diary for the week.

Members of the Gwynedd Partnership themselves, will be doing just that during the awareness raising week (19 to 25 October).

Catherine Robers, Gwynedd Council’s Senior Community Safety Officer, said:

“As is the case throughout the country, alcohol is a significant contributor to ill health in Gwynedd. That’s why the Partnership fully supports this national campaign, and as members we will be doing our bit and we’ll be keeping a drink diary and reflecting on our alcohol consumption.

“Keeping a drink diary for a week is easy, and can really make you stop and think about whether you ought to be cutting back. What better time to give it a go than the national Alcohol Awareness Week.”

Around 40 % of people in Wales regularly drink more than the recommended limit which is:

  • For men no more than 3 to 4 units of alcohol per day and no more than 21 per week
  • For women no more than 2-3 units per day and no more than 14 units a week

For an easily accessible diary and help and information on safe limits, visit or for information about how to drink sensibly visit the Health Challenge Wales website:


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