Beardy Weirdy Speaks out against Archbishops and Politicians

In an exclusive interview God has spoken to Welsh Icons and voiced some of his concerns about the current generation of clerics and politicians. God, who is believed to come from Pembrokeshire told us:

“To be honest I’ve had it up to here with Archbishops who think they can second-guess what I’m thinking. I know that Rowan and Barry are good Welsh boys but sometimes they really take things too far. Have you ever read any of Rowan’s books? They are absolutely impenetrable – I should know, I’m God.

“I found James Joyce’s Ulysses pretty hard going and I must admit it took me a couple of tries to finish Hawkings’ Breif History of Time but I had to give up on Rowan’s Open to Judgement: Sermons and Addresses (Darton, Longman and Todd, 1994)”.

God went on to tell us his opinions on some of the current British Politicians:

“I know that Cameron and Clegg are nice boys, they even fear me, but they still haven’t taken on board the thing about needles and camels, and as for the thing about loving thy neighbour they think it only applies if you live in Kennsignton and Chelsea”.

God continued:

“As a Welshman I quite like that Leanne Wood but I wish she would stop calling me Mr God. I find that fire and brimstone stuff a bit dated now but it is good to see the Conservative party in Wales keeping some of the old traditions alive. And, as for that Ieuan Wyn Jones – he seems to think he is me”.


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