Brecon to Open 5 Days a Week

In a bid to overcome the effects of the recession, Brecon Town Council has decreed that the picturesque market town is to open five days a week.

A spokesman for the council told us that:

“We’ve always had a half day on Mondays and then of course we are shut on Fridays because that’s market day, and then there’s Sundays, we are definitely still closed on Sundays.

“We are still not sure about mornings and afternoons but we will do our best to ensure that at least one pub and chip shop is open to visitors between 12 noon until 2pm and 6pm until 8pm.

“What with all the tourists coming to our many festivals we feel that the least we can do is move with the times and ensure that they can get a pint and a bag of chips at least 4 days a week”.

He added:

“We are still unsure about our public lavatories as they are very expensive to maintain but we are hoping that a community group will take them over as part of the Big Society so they are at least they will open to visitors for an hour a day in the summer months.

“Well apart from August as that’s when every one goes on their holidays”.

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