Cameron Jumps on Welsh Bandwagon

Following the success of the Welsh rugby team in the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals it has been announced that a Welsh flag will be flown over 10 Downing Street (the official residence of the British Prime minister) during the semi-final against France this Saturday.

Mr Cameron said: “Wales are the last home nation competing in the Rugby World Cup and I wish them every success in the semi-final against France on Saturday.

“We would only usually fly a home nation flag for a final, but I know how important a competition this is and we all want to get behind Wales, so I’ve decided to break with tradition on this occasion and fly the flag for Wales in Downing Street on Saturday.”

David Cameron is one of many politicians who have tried to jump on the Welsh band wagon. Manchester born David Lloyd George used this tactic successfully at the start of the last century by putting on a silly accent and talking ad nauseum. Nairobi born Peter Hain, the former Secretary of State for Wales has also tried to pretend to be Welsh, even to the extent of adopting the valleys girl’s habit of getting himself sprayed orange.

Of course, some politicians have tried to play down their Welsh heritage. Swansea born Michael Heseltine has always tried to play down his Welshness as has Llanelli born Michael Howard, former Home Secretary.

As usual we did ask the National Assembly for Wales to comment but a spokesperson for Allan Iueauion Ffffred Port Talbot told us:

“If that’s Welsh Icons again, tell them we’re out”.



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