First Minister Joins Regional AM in Condemning Swansea Council

Suzy_DaviesWales’ First Minister Carwyn Jones has joined regional Assembly Member Suzy Davies in condemning Swansea Council’s actions.

Regional AM Suzy Davies asked First Minister Carwyn Jones if he would join her in condemning Swansea Council for considering the removal of Special Needs Assistants from school buses.

Mrs Davies, the Conservative AM for South Wales West, said: “Swansea Council, just like the Welsh Assembly, has signed up to the UN’s Convention of the Rights of the Child.

“How, then, can the council even think of taking away those adults that assist children with special needs travel safely and confidently to and from school.”

The First Minister backed Suzy Davies’ comments by saying “Local authorities must act in accordance with the law and in accordance with any charter that they have signed up to.

He continued “It stands to reason that we would expect them to honour those commitments if those commitments are in place.”

Mrs Davies added “I hope that Swansea Council sits up and takes note of the First Minister’s comments. They have signed up to the UN Convention and they should not now be trying to move away from that when it suits them.

“They also need to take notice of the updated Learner Travel Operational Guidance, new rules which were introduced for the whole of Wales following Swansea Council’s refusal to face up to the need pupil safety in the case of Bonymaen schoolboy, Tomos James.

“If the council continue with these plans it will mean poorer services for disabled children in Swansea, and they are some of the people most in need of this service.”

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