Greedy Welsh quango bosses double their pay

Wales’ highest-paid quango bosses are almost doubling their salaries with six-figure bonuses, special allowances and pension windfalls, an investigation by Welsh Icons has found.

Some are earning as much as £8,000.00 a year despite the Assembly’s promise to have a “bonfire of the quangos” and freeze public sector pay.

The true scale of the pay packets received by top-earning unelected officials is far higher than those previously disclosed because official figures omit tens of pounds in additional payments.

Our research has uncovered that Mrs Miggins, head of the Pies, Pasties and Savoury Slices of Wales Commission, who has been tasked with deciding if a corned beef pasty is to be included as one of the national dishes of Wales has pocketed nearly £20.00 in travel expenses despite having a pensioners travel pass.

The Assembly’s official list details the salaries of 4 bureaucrats who are paid more than £5,000.00 as part of a drive for transparency in government.

Elin-Fffffffred RT Lewis, the Cabinet Office minister responsible, claimed that the number of top earners was down from 5 last year, but the real figure is thought to be far higher when bonuses and pensions are included.

According to the Assembly list, Milly Molly Mandy-Jones, the chief executive of the Creative Play and Facepainting Authority, is the country’s highest-paid quango boss with a pay package of more than £8,000, comprising a basic salary of £7,000.00, a second home allowance of £1,000.00 (she has an office in Pontypridd) and pension payments of £70.81 a year.

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