New M4 route proposed to run through the Millennium Stadium

A new route for the M4 has been proposed that will run through the centre of Cardiff from Newport Road, Queen Street, the Millennium Stadium before heading toward Cardiff Bay.  

If built, a toll will be charged by the castle to raise money for Welsh rugby and Welsh sport in general.  A spokesperson for the WRU told us:

“This is a great opportunity to capitalise on our recent 6 nations success. Drivers will be able to pay homage to the hallowed ground as they drive through the stadium and feel the pride of Welsh sport also know they are contributing to the future of the game.”

A traffic spokesman for Cardiff City Council said:

“We oppose the plan as the new motor way will force regular Cardiff traffic on to smaller roads, creating congestion and increasing travel times for all Cardiff residents.

“The idea of closing the motorway when rugby matches are played will only cause greater traffic chaos and delays”.

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