Newport Child Born in Wedlock

Health officials and social workers in the City and County of Newport were shocked to discover that a child recently born in the city had parents who were married to each other.

The parents Mungo and Mary who live in Ringland and both work in a call centre were relocated to the city by their employer Yell last year. They said:

“We are both from Scotland are practicing Wee Frees. Where we are from it is perfectly normal to get married before engaging in sexual intercourse as that could lead to dancing on a Sunday”.

Their daughter Midge was born last week at the Royal Gwent Hospital is said to be doing well but officials are worried that she may be stigmatised in later due to her parents marital status.

Mungo and Mary added:

“We are pretty gutted to just find that we have both lost our jobs but at least wee Midge will not feel out of place with all the other children on the estate”.

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