No Welsh implicated in the NoW/Met Police Scandal

We are sorry to have to report that after 10 days and nights of digging, we at Welsh Icons have found no evidence of any Welsh connection with the News of the World telephone hacking, and the Metropolitan Police bribery scandals.

To be honest, all we can come up with is the fact that Rebekah Brooks intervened to ensure that David Cameron made ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson his spin doctor instead of Welshman and BBC Wales reporter Guto Harri.

As far as Welsh politicians in Westminster go, the nearest we can get is a complaint by Welsh MP Glyn Davies on the social network Facebook saying:

“”What a way to run a country. Prepared a good 10 minute speech for today’s big debate on Renewable Energy, expected to last 6 hours. Debate cut to 2 hours and 18 backbenchers left with 50 minutes. All speeches out the window. I was called first after the time limit. All I could do was look angry. God knows what I actually said. Really important debate reduced to total shambles.”

This morning, the Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans from Swansea updated his status to read:

“is rejigging his diary to sit on Wednesday”

We asked Derek Brockway, BBC Wales weatherman and well known political commentator for his reaction only to be told by a BBC flunky that he was at the Royal Welsh Show.

Even Media Wales, the publisher of Wales on Sunday who usually try and claim every dodgy Australian like Kylie Minogue and Rolf Harris as ‘one of our own’ declined to comment though an anonymous source told us that they were too busy trying to reduce their internal headcount.

So there we have it. If you are Welsh, or know anyone who is Welsh, and, have either hacked anyone’s phone, is a serving or ex-police officer and have taken a bung from News International, or are an elected representative and have wined and dined Rupert or  Rebekah more than 26 times in the last 14 months we would love to hear from you.


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