Nothing Happens in Denbighshire for at Least an Hour

We at Welsh Icons are normally inundated with press releases emanating from Denbighshire but it would appear that between 3:30pm and 4:40pm nothing happened in the county.

Karen Allen from Denbighshire Council’s Corporate Communications Team told us:

“We must have taken our eye off the ball for a few minutes. My colleague Gareth Watson was at Rhyl library chasing a story about a library book that was two days overdue but it turned out the book had been returned the previous week as the borrower could not really get into it”.

We contacted Ceidiog Hughes of Ceidiog Communication a PR company who frequently provide us with interesting news from the Denbighshire area but he said:

“No, there was nothing happening yesterday afternoon. Not even the opening of a paper bag”.

Finally in desperation we contacted Darren Millar AM who confirmed:

“Nada, nothing, Zilch. There was nothing of any import happening in Denbighshire between 3:30pm and 4:40pm yesterday afternoon though I did have my photograph taken with some children and a puppy in Conwy around five o’clock”.


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