S4C Satellite Damaged in Space Collision

Viewers on the Isle of Anglesey have been unable to watch their favourite programme from the acclaimed Welsh broadcaster for the last few days. It is understood that space-debris has collided with the satellite that relays the signal from Cardiff to the Island.

Clever boffins from NASA are currently working with Ieuan Wyn Jones to try and fix the problem so that the six viewers on Ynys Mon who actually watch Heno can have their services restored.

One suggestion is that Mr Jones in launched into space on a Russian rocket next time it goes up to supply the International Space Station and that he can go and do a space walk with his Halfords tool kit like they did on Apollo 13 or something like that.

A spokesperson from the Welsh Liberal Democrats denied that the rocket idea was theirs, but said that all proceeds from the sale of limited edition prints showing their candidates standing by Zebra crossing as part of their campaign for the May local government elections would go towards the fund to try and get Mr Jones into low-earth orbit.

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