Snack Bar left on top of Caerphilly Mountain

After yesterdays news that an Englishman had left a 4×4 car on the top of Snowdon, the residents of Caerphilly were shocked to discover that some one had taken a snack bar up to the top of Caerphilly mountain.

Local shop worker Miss Edith Teatowel  said:

“At first I thought it was a joke. When we was young [sic] there was rumors [sic] that in the olden days there used to be a haunted caravan on the top of the mountain selling burgers to travelers from far away places like Cardiff.

Miss Teatowel (aged 17, mother of 4) continued ranting:

“You’d never get me up there though. Too close to that crematorium, probably full of ghosts and stuff like that. Me and my Keith, Da of my youngest prefers that McDonalds”.

Leader of Caerphilly Borough County Council and Cabinet Member for Constitutional Affairs, Allan Pritchard was unavailable for comment, as was the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Planning, Ron Davies, though we believe that Cllr Davies was aware of the snack bar as it has been used by ‘nature watchers’ in the past.




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