Strike Cripples Wales/Strike does not happen in Wales

According to a Conservative party spokesman, the planned strike today in Wales did not happen. It would appear that dinner lady Mrs Miggins of Llantrisant didn’t turn up to work today as she had a dodgy tummy and had no credit on her mobile to call in sick. She had asked her neighbour Mrs Tea-Strainer to pass on a message but she forgot as, for some unknown reason there were no buses this morning.

Plaid Cymru sources are claiming that over 120% of people of working age were on strike in Wales today and are using figures provided by the OBR to show that no productive activity was underataken in Wales  during the last 48 hours.

Labour Assembly members are quoting the great Nye Bevan and have been on a fruitless search for photo-opportunities with some spending up to six hours being driven around in search for a picket line. None of them would comment for fear of offending their leader ‘Something Miliband’, you know, the one from Harry Potter who looks a bit like his brother.

We did try and contact the Liberal Democrats in Wales but every phone call was met with howls of laughter and mutterings of “Don’t tell Nick”.

Official figures provided by BBC Wales suggest that somewhere between 1 and 3,900,000 poeple were on strike in Wales today.

Finally, we did manage to contact one of the Occupy Cardiff/Don’t Pay Tax/Burger king not McDonalds protesters who are squatting a building in Westgate Street in Cardiff who told us:

“Oops, we’d forgotten about the strike. We were too busy building a drug and alcohol free community centre for people of all ethnicities. Would you like your face painted? Can you ask my Mam to pop round and grab my washing as I’m out of clean undies?”.

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