Suzy Davies: Welsh Government Guidance Needed to Curb Social Media Ban

Suzy_DaviesRegional AM Suzy Davies has called on the Welsh Government to change guidance to community councils who stop members of the public from tweeting about meetings.

Mrs Davies said: “With technology moving so quickly it is important that guidance from the government keeps up to date with it.

“The Minister’s response to my question is that she is working with One Voice Wales on this but, in the meantime, community councils consider themselves entitled to ban the use of social media for those residents that take their time to attend meetings.”

Mrs Davies, the Welsh Conservative AM for South Wales West, continued: “Some community councils still don’t understand that social media, if handled properly, can help those they serve understand what they do.  If better informed, perhaps more individuals would be considering standing themselves.  It’s an ongoing complaint that there are so many co-options to community councils because so few candidates come forward to be elected.”

The call comes after residents in Pennard have been banned by Pennard Community Council from commenting on public meetings.  Further concerns have arisen when agenda items have been discussed in private without it being clear why.

Mrs Davies added: “Community Councillors give up a considerable amount of their time and work very hard. It is important that they are given the help they need to be able to better decide which agenda items need to held in private and which must be held in public.  As a former community councillor myself, I believe that there must be very good reasons for going into private session.”

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