Welsh Footballer has sex – With a woman!

Rumours have been circulating on the Internet for months but we at Welsh Icons can confirm that a Welsh footballer has had sex with a woman. After weeks of injunctions, super-injunctions, hyper-injunctions and super-duper-hyper-injunctions we can reveal that a footballer in Wales has actually had sex with a woman and did not even have to pay for it.

Unlike our brave boys in red who seem to prefer sex with men or driving golf buggies on motorways, the individual who we cannot name for legal reasons (Ronnie Greggs-Pasty) would appear to have engaged in an act of sexual intercourse with a woman (a proper one with boobs and everything and not one of your dodgy Cardiff trannies).

It is believed that he is currently trying to take everyone on the Internet to court for knowing about his sordid encounter, and sniggering behind his back. We at Welsh Icons wish him and that bird off the telly well and congratulate him on getting his end away.


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