Welsh Unemployed Addicted to Food

Hard working tax payers in Wales have been shocked to find that many people claiming benefits are spending it on food.

After a Freedom of Information (FoI) request by the Plaidemlabtory party, it has been revealed that some of these scroungers are spending the majority of their benefits on food and squandering the rest on utility bills.

Single people who receive up to £65 a week from the public purse have been observed in shops such as Lidls and Alids stocking up on economy baked beans and two for the price of one sliced white bread.

A spokesman from the University of Tremorfa who undertook the research told us:

“It is early days, but our sample data shows that many in receipt of benefits are wasting it on feeding themselves. At first we thought they would be purchasing cider, Bensons and games for their Playstation’s but it would appear that  their first priority was feeding themselves”.

He added:

“Our data also shows that contrary to popular belief, many of them do not sit at home all day watching Jeremy Kyle on their plasma TVs but are actively engaged in job seeking activities, but will still persist in using the money they claim from the state on food. Some single mothers are even using their benefits to feed their children”.

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