AM Disappointed by Council’s Failure to Consider Outcome of Cut to Faith School Transport

Suzy_DaviesRegional AM Suzy Davies has voiced her disappointment at the way Swansea Council came to its decision to cut subsidies to faith school’s in the city.

Mrs Davies said: “After my debate with the Transport Minister, she wrote to Swansea Council reminding them of their obligations and that she expects them to carry out “meaningful” impact assessments for their proposals.

“I am very disappointed that, during the debate, Swansea Council’s cabinet said they had not carried out any assessments to see how their plans would affect children in Swansea.”

At the Council meeting where the Labour cabinet’s proposals would be considered by all councillors, Cllr Will Evans, the cabinet member for education, said they did not know how many children would be taken out of faith school education if free travel was cut, meaning they could not carry out an assessment.

Mrs Davies, the Conservative AM for South Wales West, added “It is clear that Swansea Council have ignored the Transport Minister’s letter to them and that they have not taken any consideration for how their plans will actually affect children and young people.

“I have written to Swansea Council to find out exactly what assessments they have done, as it would be appear that they have not thought very far ahead at all.

“Swansea Council have openly ignored the Minister, but they have also entirely gone against the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child which they themselves signed up to not so long ago.”

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