AM Welcomes New Community Projects for Mold

Mark Isherwood

Mark Isherwood

North Wales Assembly Member Mark Isherwood has attended a meeting of ‘ROC Mold’ (Redeeming Our Community) today to discuss its development of exciting new projects for Mold.

The ethos of ROC, a UK charity founded in 2004 and operating widely in England, is to bring together community groups, churches, the police, the fire service, local authorities and voluntary agencies to encourage positive partnerships for practical change in the community.

Following a community consultation in Mold in May, the charity identified two gaps in provision in the local community, namely more provision for young people and a befriending service for vulnerable and older people. Consequently a Mold ROC Enabling Group has been formed, made up of local representatives of the above groups, and they are meeting regularly with the aim of getting these two projects off the ground as soon as possible.

Mr Isherwood, who has long been calling for both the Welsh Government and Local Government to share power with individuals, enterprises and charities in order to provide better services more efficiently, met with the group on Friday to discuss the development of the projects.

He said:

“I was hugely impressed by the ‘can-do’ approach of the community representatives at the meeting, embracing the ROC vision – ‘people of goodwill working together towards safer, kinder communities’ – and focused on getting things done. Particular thanks are due to Andy and Sue Leake and Kings Christian Centre for hosting us and driving the initiative forward.

“This initiative deserves our full support and I look forward to meeting with them in the future.

“Taking power out of the hands of Government and giving it to individuals, enterprises and charities in our communities can help us to provide better services more efficiently, benefiting the most vulnerable.

“The co-production approach was not designed for an age of austerity, but rather for any age of social and economic aspiration – yes, delivering more for less at a time of deficit reduction, but also delivering more for the same when budgets are stable and more for more when budgets are growing.”


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