Appeal for Owner of Siamese Cat found in Caerphilly

Siamese cat CaerphillyThe RSPCA is trying to find the owner of a dehydrated and thin pedigree cat  found in Caerphilly on Wednesday (30 July).

Unfortunately because the Siamese cat had not been microchipped they have not been able to track down her owner.

The cat, who has only two teeth, is aged between eight and 10 years. She was first spotted very dehydrated and hungry at Coed-Y-Llinos in Caerphilly on Wednesday (30 July).

RSPCA animal collection officer Sarah Davies said: “This cat has obviously been lost for some time or abandoned so it would be great to try and track down an owner.

“A lot of people that own pedigree cats don’t let them out so she may have escaped and got lost.

“Owners often come forward because they have seen our posters but have not chipped their cats because their cats never go out or, if they do, they stay near home. But, even if a cat goes just a short way from home, or gets out by accident, they can become sick or injured and without a microchip we have very little hope of reuniting them with their owners.

“The RSPCA is therefore remind people to get their pets microchipped to give their lost pets the chance of returning home.”

RSPCA’s Newport Animal Centre is offering owners the chance to get their dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets microchipped for just £6.50 throughout the month of August.

No appointment is necessary and they are open 11.30am to 4pm each day apart from Thursdays.

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