‘Can’t say Fairer than that’ in Caerphilly

Fairtrade-englishAcross Caerphilly county borough schools, churches, community groups and businesses are being actively encouraged to support Fairtrade.
Over 60% of schools in the county borough are registered with the Fairtrade Schools Scheme working towards the Fairtrade Schools Award.

Seven schools have already achieved the award by incorporating Fairtrade into the curriculum, giving children a better idea of why Fairtrade is important for producers of the goods that they use every day. Schools who have achieved the award have also looked at a variety of Fairtrade items, including clothing, food products and sport equipment.

Caerphilly Town also achieved Fairtrade Town Status in 2008, with the status renewed in 2011. Partnership work between Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Sustainable Development Team and the Caerphilly Fairtrade Town Group made this possible by encouraging local retailers and businesses to stock and promote Fairtrade goods and by promoting Fairtrade at large events such as the Big Cheese.

As well as the local community embracing Fairtrade, the council continues to support the cause by providing Fairtrade products such as tea and coffee in staff canteens.

More information on how to support Fairtrade can be found at www.fairtrade.org.uk.


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