Cardiff Trading Standards Warn of Unauthorised Charity Collections

Every year genuine charities lose thousands of bags of donated clothes to bogus clothing collections. Cardiff Trading Standards is once again warning residents about this type of scam which is being reported as operating in several areas of the city.

Collectors may be attempting to dupe Cardiff residents with the pledge that they will be donating money raised from the sale of used clothes, footwear and other household items to a particular charity. It is entirely possible that further investigation will show that this is not the case and that the company is acting fraudulently.

In order to undertake house to house collections of this kind on behalf of a charity companies need to first obtain permission from the Local Authority. If no permission is sought, Cardiff Council may instigate legal proceedings against the company.

Councillor Judith Woodman, Cardiff Council Executive Member for Communities, Housing and Social Justice said: “Cardiff residents should be on their guard against these types of collectors. People are often misled into thinking they are donating to a charity which is not the case.

“Donating goods and clothing is an excellent way to raise money for a good cause but we advise residents to use established charity shops to make their donations.”

Cardiff residents who wish to report having these charity bags or flyers delivered in their area are advised to contact Trading Standards on 029 2087 2059.

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