Fostering for the Long Term

Janine Winston at home

Janine Winston at home

Caerphilly County Borough Council would like to encourage those interested in Fostering to consider a long term placement.

Long term placements are currently needed for older children who need a permanent home away from their birth family because of long standing problems. Such young people often need guidance and support within a caring, understanding and loving home and long-term placements are intended to provide stability and security.

Janine Winston, a foster carer in Caerphilly borough, who fosters long term placements, tells her story.

Janine said, “I have been a foster carer for four years and have fostered four children in this time.

On a day to day basis, the children have started to achieve in school – the pleasure they take in telling me all about how well they have done in tests, they get so excited. It makes me feel very proud.”

Janine talks about the difficult times and said, “It’s hard work but very fulfilling, there’s a different challenge every day and overcoming these challenges makes you feel complete and accomplished.  Communication is key in difficult situations, we talk openly about anything the children want to talk about, including difficult topics.  I believe in talking openly and honestly from day one.

The children I have are lovely children, they aren’t difficult to manage but they do have their own issues to overcome and helping them through that is a really nice feeling.  They appreciate that there’s someone there to give them the care and attention that they need.”

Janine continued, “Fostering for Caerphilly County Borough Council offers fantastic support with lots of resources available.  Placement workers and the children’s social worker are always my first port of call with any issues.  When you take on children on a short or long term you get to know the team around them, from LAC nurses to education – any resource that is available you can use to your advantage.  The Caerphilly Fostering Team are always there to help.

Attachment training and nurturing groups give you techniques to deal with things.  I’d say to any foster carers – take on any training that is offered as it gives a great insight into what children need.

I’d looked into all different fostering agencies before I became a foster carer and Caerphilly Council were the only ones who gave the amount of training and support I thought I needed.  I’d like to encourage anyone interested in fostering to foster for Caerphilly. I wish I’d done it years ago, it is the best thing I have ever done.”

To find out how you can fostering a child please call 0800587 5664, text 78866 or visit


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