Hurricane Jude Hits Wales

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 10.13.15The key staff of the Welsh Icons team have just crawled out of their bunker underneath Welsh Icons HQ and we are all devastated by the destruction we can see around us. Mother Nature can at times be a cruel and indiscriminate mistress.

Reports are reaching us from our stringers across Wales of the total devastation this storm has caused. Fortunately no one has been killed but we understand that Mrs Jones of Llanelli had a nasty fall when rushing to get her washing in.

Our correspondent in Merthyr told us that he had personally seen a few wheelie bins that had been blown over by the tornado but added that it could just have been the local cider-heads.

We finally managed to make contact with our woman in Newport in the early hour of this morning. We had to contact her via cell phone as she told us that her landline was down again but that could have just been down to Virgin Media.

Hundreds of people in the Neath/Port Talbot area have also been left without electricity but this could also be down to the fact that they’d spent all their benefits on Meow Meow rather than topping up their electricity meter keys.

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