Lampter Plod uses Computer

Following our article on a plod from Dyfed-Powys Police force demanding the removal of a poster promoting a concert in Lampeter not only from a pub but from the Internet, we have been given a transcript of a recent support call to their IT help desk by one of their officers.

Helpdesk: Good morning, please be aware that your call may be recorded for training purpose. How may we help you?

PC Plod: It’s the Internet. It has got bad things on it.

Helpdesk: Have you tried switching it off and on again?

PC Plod: No I just want it switched off. There are really bad things on it.

Helpdesk: How many windows do you have open?

PC Plod: All the windows and doors are shut and the walls are lined with tin foil and I have my special PC hat on. I’ve lined it with tin foil as well.

Helpdesk: Can you unplug your router, count to 5 and then plug it back in again?

PC Plod: OK, hang on a sec, OK, it’s flashing what now?

Helpdesk: Can you open a browser and see if you can get on to the Internet?

PC Plod: Yes, it’s still there. I’ve just tried again and there are really bad things on it. I’ve been up all night looking at them. There are women exposing their lady parts and people with dark skin. I even found a few videos of lady on lady action. Shall I send you the link?

Helpdesk: OK, a few questions. What operating system are you using? Do you read the Daily Mail? Have you had sex with your sister or cousin?

PC Plod: Windows 95. Yes. Both and how did you know about that?

Helpdesk: Congratulations we have short listed you for next Chief Commissioner.

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