Mardi Gras Relaunches as Pride Cymru

pridecymru3In response to feedback from the Welsh LGBT community, this year’s biggest annual LGBT celebration in Wales, is re-launching as Pride Cymru.

The rebrand is a result of an online poll and survey that reveals the majority of people favour the name ‘Pride’. People who have taken part in previous years felt the word ‘Pride’ is more relevant and representative for the Welsh event. Many said they have been calling the event ‘Pride’ for many years.

Pride Cymru will join the various other popular LGBT events across the UK this summer, such as Manchester, London and Brighton who are happy to embrace the term.

The event, which attracts over 22,000 visitors at times will return to its traditional venue on the 16th August at Coopers Field, Cardiff.

Cardiff-Wales LGBT Mardi Gras is also administering the LGBT History Month Cymru this month as part of its work on LGBT heritage in Wales is hosting an exhibition featuring people and organisations from Wales who have contributed to the international history of LGBT people.

Project Manager for Cardiff Mardi Gras Norena Shopland, and an historian specialising in Welsh LGBT heritage said:

“The history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Wales has had a rather neglected past. Pick up any book on LGBT people in Britain and you’ll only find a couple of index listing for Wales.

“Now individuals and organisations are making concerted efforts to address this and to draw out fascinating stories that have often been buried for years. It?s very exciting what is being discovered and we now have a timeline to rival any in the world. Come and visit the exhibition to find out more.”

Planet Magazine commented:

“Following on from a collaboration with Cardiff-Wales LGBT Mardi Gras on the Planet website we are extremely proud to sponsor this Welsh Pride exhibition at the Senedd.

“It is more than fitting that we and Cardiff-Wales LGBT find ourselves under the same roof as our politicians, with both of our organisations sharing a loud and passionate history of protest and scrutiny, calling for the fairest representation for all in Wales and beyond.”

Please visit for more information about us and for ways for you to get involved.”

The exhibition, sponsored by organisations such as Unite the Union, Planet – The Welsh Internationalist magazine, The Co-operative Cymru/Wales, will be open from 18 February to 28 February at the National Assembly Wales, Senedd. Free entry from 10am-4pm.


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