Powys Cabinet Coup Resisted

PowysAccording to a well placed source the trouble within Powys County Council continues. We have been told:

“The Chief Executive of Powys County Council today received a notice of a Motion of No Confidence in the Council’s Executive Leader, David Jones in the latest twist in the series of events rocking the authority. Powys, which was considered by regulators to be a rapidly improving  local authority, was ruled by the Shires Independent Group until last week when the Leader took the unprecedented step of sacking his Cabinet and replacing them with members of the largest opposition group, the Powys Independent Alliance, which he then joined.”

They continued:

“Elected representatives from all groups within the Council expressed their astonishment at this inexplicable turn of events, particularly as the full Council meeting after the elections in May 2012 had rejected PIA rule. An Emergency Meeting of the Council is to be held as soon as practicable with negotiations around the formation of a rainbow cabinet being well advanced.”

A County Councillor said:

“This is a blatantly undemocratic power grab and will not be tolerated.  We face a challenging budget round and need to bring communities with us, not pander to the ambition of a minority.  Co-operation and openness should be the watchwords in Powys from now on.’   Meanwhile, residents in Powys are enjoying free car parking in the run-up to Christmas paid for by the sacked Cabinet Members, who had foregone part of their salaries to try to boost the local economy.”

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