Scottish Independence Boosted by Eurovision

The idea of Scottish independence may receive a huge surge in support in the rest of the UK has a survey has shown, if the Scots agree to always give the British entry 12 points at every Eurovision and the Welsh, Northern Irish and English would be more than happy to award 12 points to Scotland in return to thwart those ‘cheating sods’ on the other side of the channel.

Flag waving Alex Salmond said “this is great news, I would gladly trade 300 years of historic union for 12 points at Eurovision, perhaps Scotland would win and I could present the next years final from Edinburgh”.

Newly elected leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood concurred saying:

“I’d love to see the Manics win something at last”.

But a skeptical Tory press expect that the Scottish first minister would quickly forget the deal in order to toady up to the French.

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