St Mellons Victim Support drop-in centre to open

Victim support offers emotional and practical support to all victims of crime. It’s a free and confidential service and operates for victims benifit,rights, and to ensure that they get the recognition and understanding from the community as a whole.

In St Mellons as from the 14th October 2009 for one day of the week (Wednesdays) they will be operating a Drop in Centre based at The Beacon Centre in Harrison Drive, St Mellons, Cardiff.

This uniquie service will be open to all victims and witness’s, for what ever reason can not be visited by one of our fully trained volunteers,they will have the opportunity to make an appointment to visit The Beacon Centre to discuss any issue, concern,or just to talk through some of their fears. The centre is there to help individual victims through this traumatic time and to support them and encourage them to take control.
Communicating with victims in a way that is appropriate for them.

Helping victims to explore how their experience of crime has affected their lives and to identify things that might influence their ability to deal with being a victim

Finding out what each victim’s need and wishes for support are. Letting them know their options and how to get help they need.

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