Track of the Week: Home by the Clay Statues

Clay StatuesThis week’s track of the week is Home by the Clay Statues. They’re based in the South Wales Valleys and we recommend you get to see them wherever you can, if only to convince yourself that just two blokes could make such a big sound.

Clay Statues were formed by Matthew Davies and Dorian Richard Holmes after the break-up of their last band The Firebrand. They didn’t waste any time finding a guitarist, instead choosing to fall into things headfirst, playing loud, aggressive stripped down dance-punk on bass and drums.

WARNING: This track contains moderate to strong language. We did warn you.

Home by the Clay Statues

“This is Clay Statues…from Cardiff…there’s only two of them, but they make a hell of a racket…”Adam Walton

“An almighty, sweaty explosion of dance, punk and gut wrenching passion, with more testosterone than a barrel of bull’s b****cks” – Jason, Tantrum Records

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