Track of the week: Buried Alive by Tianäman

DylanWe are often sent music by Welsh bands to listen to. We thought that it might be a good idea if we shared some of it so here we go….

This track is called Buried Alive by the Cardiff based band Tianäman

Buried Alive by Tianäman

Tianäman was found in 2004 and is a rock, punk, indie project that includes a number of different people i.e Dylan Ellaway, ex-vocalist and song writer and founder of Fading Joke Band the Silent Faces and sound engineer and mastermind behind Sicknote, verious other people have lent their inteligence and helped make this project run nicely over time they include DJ Zylem, 2 bit Bob Mclane and Shirley Temples very own Roy Walker of catchphrase.

Tianäman are back and louder and faster than ever, no recording has taken place lately but most definately the sound is back and bigger and better,so expect to be moved and thrown and chucked about like a kitten on lsd being chucked full force at a wall.


If you have any tracks you’d like us to share please send a link to a MP3 file to [email protected]

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