Wales to get its own bank notes

Many of the proud people of Wales have often wondered why Scotland & Northern Ireland get to issue their own bank notes why we in Wales  have to stick with those notes printed by the bank of England.  

That is now about to change, the Welsh Assembly and Westminster have now agreed that wales should be able to display images of Welsh pride on a new set of notes.

Like Scotland, Wales will have its own £1 notes featuring the winning try from the Welsh victory over Italy in this year’s six nations tournament. The new £5 note will show a fabulous penalty taken during the defeat of Scotland, the £10 will show the proud Welsh captain lifting the plate of the Triple Crown won at Twickenham after defeating the English.  The £20 note will show the victory over Ireland and the £50 pound note features the Six Nations Trophy held aloft in front of weeping French rugby fans.  Wales will also get a £100 note featuring an imagined 110-0 victory over the all blacks sometime in the future.

But beware, it is not all good news.  While the welsh notes will be legal tender in England they will only be worth half their face value across the border and as little as 20 pence to the pound in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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