We Love Recycling!

That’s what a specialist team of recycling experts are hoping to hear from Caerphilly county borough residents over the next few months.

Starting this week, a team of ‘doorstep recycling advisors’ will be pounding the streets of the Caerphilly county borough until October. The team will be knocking on over 75,000 doors in the borough and are hoping to speak to over 37,500 residents.

The recycling campaign has the aim of getting people in the Caerphilly borough interested and talking about recycling, particularly the introduction of the new food waste collection service and the change to fortnightly refuse collections, which will be rolled out across the borough from October 2009.

Cllr Lyn Ackerman, Cabinet Member for the Environment, says the door-stepping campaign will further increase the borough’s recycling levels. “This campaign provides the perfect opportunity for residents to find out more about recycling and ask questions about all aspects of the new schemes including the introduction of food waste collections. The recycling experts will help clear up any uncertainties and will be encouraging more people to recycle and compost more of their household waste,” she said.

John Peake, project manager from the Hyder Consulting led team said, “We are hoping to receive a very positive response from residents in the area, this campaign is all about helping residents to recycle and compost more. The team of recycling advisors will be available to offer useful advice and answer queries regarding the benefits of the new scheme and how to make the most of the changes.”

The campaign provides the perfect opportunity for residents to find out more about recycling/composting and ask questions about Caerphilly’s popular recycling scheme.

The campaign will start 24th August, so keep an eye out for the doorstepping team who will all be wearing a distinctive bright green uniform! The doorsteppers will be working from Tuesday to Saturday and will be carrying Caerphilly County Borough Council ID badges.

If you have a keen interest in recycling why not also get involved in the campaign? The team are looking for local residents to deliver the recycling message in their area for approximately 2 months.

Email: [email protected] or telephone 0797268709 for more details.


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