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Matthew Pritchard

Matthew Pritchard
Mathew Pryderi Pritchard (born March 30, 1973 in Cardiff, Wales), is a professional skateboarder and one quarter of the Dirty Sanchez crew, who have their own television programme on MTV and also appears on Balls of Steel with Pancho as the Pain Men.

Dirty Sanchez
He is often seen as the founder of Dirty Sanchez, along with Lee Dainton, with whom he filmed the skating bootleg "Pritchard vs Dainton", where the two were in competition against each other at skating, as well as hitting and playing pranks on each other, the basis of the Dirty Sanchez programme. Pritchard is known in the Sanchez team as "Mr. Fifty-Fifty" as he is very much a risktaker.

He began skateboarding at the age of 15. Skateboarding still occupies a large part of his life. He spent some time on the Blueprint skateboard team in the late 1990s before transferring to his current team, Death Skateboards. He had a small skateboarding role in Death Skateboards recent video release, Squadrophenia. He has his own line of skateboarding shoes and products under the Globe Shoes company, called the "Sleep When You're Dead" or "SWYD" range.

Pritchard has various tattoos. Including "Carnage" across his chest. His most recent one is just above his buttocks saying "Coach Parties Welcome", another reading "Я Люблю Джонни Ноксвилл" ("I Love Johnny Knoxville" in Russian) on the bottom of his right leg, which he believed was "Sleep When Your Dead" but it became lost in translation by Dainton during the movie. He also has "I ♥ Dainton" on his penis which was also done during the movie to wind Dainton up, which resulted in a boxing match between the two of them and a split with an unamused girlfriend

Pritchard is very afraid of spiders and what appears to be all small insects which is memorable in Dirty Sanchez the movie with Derek the chicken where he says the chicken "has feelings" where as bugs were ugly. Also when in they were in Phi Phi, in a small run-down hut, he panicked when there was a spider in the 'bathroom'. Dan Joyce tried to refrain Pritchard from leaving the bathroom at this point, then later teased him during the night by telling him that a spider was in their bed. Lee Dainton also teased him when they were in the desert during the movie in implying he would have to eat small creatures, scorpions and spiders. During the movie he killed a small tarantula and ate part of it, which he declared was "crunchy". During the third season of Dirty Sanchez (European Invasion) Lee Dainton also brings 2 pet tarantulas onto their tour bus and teases Matthew with them, to which he also places his passport within the tarantulas' tank.

In addition to his sponsorship from Death, Pritchard is also endorsed by several other companies, namely Globe Shoes, Stimulus, Fury, Ricta, Von Zipper, and Eastpak.

He unofficially holds the World Record for being shot by 103 paint balls but the record doesn't actually exist.

During season one of Dirty Sanchez a scene in which Dainton nailed over his penis to a wooden board with an industrial staple has since been banned from MTV UK due to several viewer complaints.

In 2005 he purchased a pub within the Cardiff area for his parents, which his parents now manage and run.

He appears on the Channel 4 show Balls of Steel as one of the pain men along with Michael Locke

He also appears on MTV UK's "Wrecked" with Lee Dainton.


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