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Ely, Cardiff




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Ely (Welsh: Trelai tref town + Elai River Ely) is a suburb primarily dominated by council housing in western Cardiff, Wales.

The Ordnance Survey Map about 1881 shows just how isolated Ely village was from the rest of Cardiff. Reports about travelling along the main road over Ely common to Cardiff talk of pot holes and no shelter and a pretty horrible journey by foot.

You can see the 'Ely industrial school' where Cardiff kept its orphans well out of the way. They later built an infectious disease isolation unit on the same site. Most of Ely is farmland feeding Cardiff's population. You can also see the new railway station this was to have a profound effect on the development of Ely.

On the maps you can see the Ely Industrial school marked on the Cowbridge Rd (Cowbridge Road East). It had been set up to accommodate "pauper children" from 1863. It was very much a product of the Victorian Age, and Workhouse mentality, increased social awareness and responsibility saw it closing in 1903 and converted to additional workhouse accommodation for adults (though never used for that purpose), known as Ely Lodge. The children lived in what became as Ely Homes.

The map also shows Ely Racecourse, which closed in 1939.

The land was once owned by the Earl of Plymouth, who dictated that alcohol may not be sold on the land. As a result, like other plots of land with similar conditions (e.g. Manselton in Swansea), the boundaries of the old estate can be approximated by the locations of public houses around the area. To attract business from the local populace, establishments would be built as close to it as possible without actually being in Ely (local establishments are technically in Caerau and Fairwater).

Ely's rapid expansion of housing took place after World War I to provide 'homes fit for heroes'. The area has since acquired a reputation that the residents are keen to dispel.

The suburban area was scarred by rioting and petrol bombing during 1991 when shops and houses were burned down by angry mobs.

Cowbridge Road West is the predominant road running through Ely as it runs on to Canton and Cardiff city centre to the east, and to the Culverhouse Cross interchange to the west. The parallel Grand Avenue links Cowbridge Road West to the northern estates of Ely. Ely features several shopping parades, notably on Wilson Road as well as Grand Avenue.

Not being on Cardiff's rail network, Ely is served by Cardiff Bus services 17 and 18, using articulated buses which operate every 10 minutes from Central Station via Canton and Caerau. North Ely is also served by services 12/A and 13/A which terminate at Culverhouse Cross / The Drope.

Primary Schools in Ely include:

  • Trelai Primary School
  • Millbank Primary School

High Schools in Ely include:

  • Glyn Derw High School
  • Michaelston Community college

Youth Centres in Ely include: North Ely YC ([email protected]) on Pethybridge Road Trelai YC based in Caerau Dusty Forge Project on Cowbridge Rd West

Famous people from Ely

 Football in Ely:
 Caerau Ely AFC
 Ely Rangers FC

 Libraries in Ely: Ely Library
       Grand Avenue
       CF5 4BL
 029 2056 2064
 Monday 9.00-1.00  2.00-7.00  
       Tuesday 9.00-1.00 2.00-6.00   
       Wednesday 9.00-1.00 2.00-6.00   
       Thursday 9.00-1.00  2.00-6.00  
       Friday 9.00-1.00  2.00-6.00  
       Saturday 9.00-1.00  2.00-5.30

 Pubs/Bars in Ely:
 The Bridge
       Cowbridge Road West
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 5BR

 The Caerau
       Bishopston Road
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 5DZ
 029 2056 7538

 The Coachhouse
       Station Terrace
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 4AA
 029 2055 5573

       Cowbridge Road West
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 5TF

 The Michaelston
       105 Michaelston Rd
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 4SY
 029 2067 0006

       542 Cowbridge Road East
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 1BN
 029 20561370

 The Railway Inn
       Ely Road
       CF5 3AB
 029 2033 1374

 Restaurants in Ely:
 The Coach House
       Station Terrace
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 4AA
 029 20555573

 Take Aways in Ely:
 China Palace
       48 Waungron Road
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 2JL
 029 20552278

 The Friary Fish Bar
       2 Fairwater Green
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 3BA
 029 20251014

 The Lunch Box
       444a Cowbridge Road East
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 1BJ
 029 20560251

 Man Po
       35 Cowbridge Road West
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 5BP
 029 20563084

 Raj Takeaway
       4 Cowbridge Road West
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 5BR
 029 20575262

 Royal Capital
       452 Cowbridge Road East
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 1BJ
 029 20255100

 Taxis in Ely:
 Premier Cars (Cardiff) Ltd
       Unit 9
       Wroughton Place
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 4AB
 029 2056 5656

 Misc in Ely:
 Ely Conservative Club
       24-26 Cowbridge Road West
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 5BS
 029 20251092

 The Royal British Legion
       22 Cowbridge Road West
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 5BS
 029 20255567

 West End Social Club
       Cowbridge Road West
       South Glamorgan
       CF5 5BS
 029 20594004

 Retail in Ely:
       Cowbridge Road West
       CF5 5DT
 0870 444 1234

Ely River In Flood


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