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Fairest Gwen
The stars in Heav'n are bright, 
Lady mine, lady mine,
The moon is full tonight,
Lady mine.
Oh! design to smile upon me,
Cast but one kind look on me, 
While here I wait upon thee,
Longing for thee, Lady mine.

The night wind passing by,
Lady mine, Lady mine,
To thee wafts many a sigh,
Lady mine.
The flowers around are sleeping,
And pearly tears are weeping,
While I my guard am keeping,
Longing for thee, Lady mine.

Let not my longings seem,
Lady mine, Lady mine,
A hopeless, transient dream,
Lady mine.
Look forth, sweetheart, and hear me,
I live but to be near thee,
And ever am most dearly 
Longing for thee, Lady mine


You're known to Welshmen free,
Fairest Gwen, fairest Gwen,
From Gower to Anglesey,
Fairest Gwen,
That castle by the dell there,
A noble people dwell there.
This night we can spend well there.
Won't you come now? Come now, Gwen.

Do not ride farther on,
Fairest Gwen, fairest Gwen.
The day will soon be gone.
Fairest Gwen,
Oh, put your hand in mine now,
And do not fall behind now.
A castle bed we'll find now.
Won't you come now? Come now, Gwen.

This castle's owned by me,
Fairest Gwen, fairest Gwen.
Inside it you can be,
Fairest Gwen,
As queen of Castle Grogen
For cherished years unbroken,
And take me in the bargain.
Won't you come now? Come now, Gwen!

Mentra Gwen
Amdanat ti mae son,
Wennaf Wen, Wennaf Wen,
O Fynwy fawr i Fn
Wennaf Wen;
I'r castell acw heno,
Rhaid iti droi a huno,
Hen deulu iawn sydd ynddo,
Da ti mentra, mentra Gwen!

O'th flaen mae mynydd maith,
Wennaf Wen, Wennaf, Wen,
Gwell iti dorri'th daith
Wenaf Wen,
Wel yn fy mraich gan hynny,
Yr awn gan benderfynu,
Fod yn y casgtell lety;
Da ti mentra, mentra Gwen!

Fi piau'r castell hwn,
Wennaf Wen, Wennaf Wen,
Ti elli fyw mi wn,
Wennaf Wen,
Y wraig yng Nghastell Crogen,
I'w barchu af a'i berchen;
A chymer fi'n y fargen,
Da ti mentra, mentra Gwen!


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Mary Hopkin (Singer) born 1950 in Pontardawe

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Ivor Emmanuel (acto) was born in Pontrhydyfen, nr. Port Talbot in 1927

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Robert Owen, Welsh social reformer born 1771 in Newtown

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