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Megan's Fair Daughter
I see her in dreams, she trips to me lightly,
With you on her lips she whispers my name.
Her eyes look in mine, so fondly so brightly,
I wake and 'tis then no longer the same.
Her glance then is chilly, her step seems to shun me,
The lips that have smiled wear the curl of disdain;
Oh! Megan's fair child my love hath undone me,
But yet in my dreams I'd see thee again.

Oh, Megan's fair child, in sleep thou art with me,
Wherever we walk, you go by my side;
Thou hear'st with delight the words I am saying,
I read thy young heart, I read it with pride.
But ah, when awake if I vow I adore thee,
Thy look ever tells me I woo thee in vain;
I'll trouble thee not, no more plead before thee;
I know in my dreams, thou'lt love me again.


"I've seen my lost child" said Griffith son of Cynan,
" But after the feast she vanished again:
More beautiful now than ever I knew her,
So home she must come to her father's domain.
O long since she left me my heart has been breaking,
Angharad, my loved one, have pity on me!
" No, no sire" said Rees, "She was not your daughter,
Not yours, my dear lord, but Megan's is she.

The mother and maid went home to the milking,
And all that each owned was one lone black cow:
A rich carriage soon will come to their cottage
To bring back the girl to proud Aberffraw:
A child of adoption, brought up by a peasant,
Then famed in the court of the Princes you'll see
A jewel, a joy among the King's courtiers,
All honor to Megan, for Megan's is she

Merch Megan
A welsoch chwi 'rioed mo Elin merch Megan
O gwmpas ei gwaith yn ddiwyd a llon?
Mae pob peth a wnl yn bleser i'w weled
A'i gwn yn y ty fel heulwen ar don.
Bydd cysur a mwyniant o'i hwyneb yn t'wynnu
Wrth olchi a smwddio a gweithio'n ddigwyn
Yn beraidd o'i min bydd miwsig yn llifo
Mor swynol llais yr eos mewn llwyn.

Mae Elin yn ln a gonest ei chalon,
Ei phurdeb a'i ffydd yn glodus trwy'n gwlad.
Caredig yw hi a hoffus a thirion,
Anwylyd ei mam, llawenydd ei thad.
Bydd cysur a mwyniant o'i hwyneb yn t'wynnu
Wrth olchi a smwddio a gweithio'n ddigwyn
Yn beraidd o'i min bydd miwsig yn llifo
Mor swynol llais yr eos mewn llw


"Mi welais fy merch" medd Gruffudd ap Cynan
" Ar ddiwedd y wledd, pam digiodd by mun?
Nis gwelais hi 'rioed mor brydferth yn unman,
Caiff ddyfod yn l i'w haelwyd ei hun.
Er pan ymgadawodd mae'm calon ar dorri;
Angharad, fy nghoron, O maddau I mi."
" O nage," medd Rhys, "nid eiddot mohonei,
Nid merch i ti oedd, Merch Megan oedd hi."

Merch Megan a'i mam elent adref i odro
Ac un fuwch bob un yw'r oll ar eu llaw;
A cherbyd o aur arddunoll ddaw yno
I ofyn am bwy, i Lys Aberffraw?
Yn blentyn mabwysiad, pwy godwyd o'r werin,
I lys y t'wysogion yn heulwen ei fri,
Sy'n fywyd a gwres wrth orsedd y brenin?
Anrydded i'r tlawd, Merch megan yw hi'


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