Last month, Welsh Icons ( received over 7 million hits from people learning about Wales and all things Welsh. If you want to reach a Welsh audience can you afford not to be part of the world’s largest independent Welsh website?

We constantly achieve top rankings in the major search engines – just try typing ‘Welsh things‘ or ‘Welsh words‘ into Google.

Founded in 2006, Welsh Icons is the web’s biggest and best Welsh encyclopaedia with over 5,500 pages dedicated to every aspect of Welsh culture. Our news site (this site) is constantly updated and articles are categorised by region and topic – you can think of it as 22 local newspapers rolled into one.

Our feedback tells us that Welsh Icons is used by school children and students; Welsh residents, ex-pats and people planning to visit Wales; transport buffs and sports fans; researchers, historians and music freaks. Tens of thousands of people each month demonstrate an active interest in Wales and Welsh culture, history and achievement. Don’t you think they’d like to learn more about Welsh products and services and support them with their spending?

We’re not standing still either; we add hundreds of new pages and cover 1,000’s items of Welsh news a month. We’re adding new features to the site to make it even more user-friendly and promoting it through social media from Twitter to MySpace, Flickr and Facebook.

We’re a small and responsive team and we’re hugely proud of what we do – we’ve built this site with love and we guard our reputation jealously.

Please take a look at the attached advertising rate card and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email at any time.


The Welsh Icons Team

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