harp100The Welsh Triple Harp has three rows of strings.the two outer rows are tuned to the diatonic scale (Like the white keys on a piano or keyboard) and the inner to the accidentals.The harp is usually rested on the players right shoulder, but Welsh tradition has always been the reverse, resting the harp on the left.

It is the Triple Harp which lays claim to the prime place in the history of the harp in Wales. This harp has three rows of strings: the two outer rows are tuned to the diatonic scale and the semitones are in the central row. This harp originated in Italy in the sixteenth century as a low headed instrument. Soon, towards the end of 1600s, it arrived in Wales where it developed a high head and was larger in size, and soon became known as the Welsh or Triple Harp. Triple Harp players are very rare. The Triple Harp’s name in welsh is Y Delyn Deires