Ogwyn Davies

Ogwyn Davies is a Welsh artist , born in Trebanos, Swansea Valley, 1925.

He lives in Tregaron, Ceredigion and studied at the Swansea School of Art.

Elected to Royal Cambrian Academy (RCA) 1994.

A quote from Ogwyn Davies on the RCA website:

  • “I find farm buildings interest me greatly. Very often, the human association of several generations can be seen in the barns and sheds and a sense of poetry seems ever present. They record so graphically the passing of time as it leaves its marks on the walls. For decades many Welsh walls have become part of the world of protest and my interest in walls and marks have resulted in works reflecting this. The use of the words of our National Anthem came about I think after regular attendance at the Arms Park in Cardiff and hearing choirs of over fifty thousand voices singing the words so movingly”.

Works by Ogwyn Davies

  • Soar Y Mynydd – The original painting of Soar y mynydd is in private ownership of Andy Boyd, a Welsh art collector residing in the Netherlands

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