St Giles’ Church, Wrexham

StGilesSt Giles’ Church is the parish church of Wrexham, Wales, and its tower is traditionally one of the Seven Wonders of Wales.

The church has a colourful ceiling of flying musical angels, two early eagle lecterns, and a stained-glass window by Sir Edward Burne-Jones. It also contains the Royal Welch Fusiliers chapel and the tomb of Elihu Yale, after whom Yale College Wrexham is named, and benefactor of Connecticut’s Yale University.

Art and religion are fused together in an ancient wall painting, lost for centuries, of the Day of Judgement. One of the oldest brass eagle lecterns in Britain is here together with many amusing medieval roof corbels and statues, and many other interesting features.

Wrexham Steeple is the steeple of Wrexham’s St Giles’ Church. It is categorised as one of the Seven Wonders of Wales.

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