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The Football Association of Wales (Welsh: Cymdeithas Bêl-droed Cymru) is the governing body of football in Wales, being a member of both FIFA and UEFA.Established in 1876, it is the third-oldest association in the world, and is one of the four associations (with the English Football Association, the Scottish Football Association, the (Northern) Irish Football Association and FIFA) which make up the International Football Association Board which is responsible for the Laws of the Game.The FAW is responsible for the administration of football in Wales, running the six international teams – namely the “A”, “Under 21”, “Under 18”, “Under 16”, “Women’s” and “Girls Under 16”.

Football in Wales (Welsh: Pêl-droed) is governed by the Football Association of Wales (FAW), which was established in 1876. The FAW oversees the Wales national football team and the Welsh football league system. Football is considered the second sport of Wales behind Rugby union, yet it is the most popular participation sport of the two.

Teams and competitions
Currently a small number of teams based in Wales play in the English leagues, of which Cardiff City, Swansea City and Wrexham are in the higher leagues in England. Other teams that play in the English leagues are Newport County, Merthyr Tydfil and Colwyn Bay. These 6 teams are excluded from the Welsh Cup but do compete in the FAW Premier Cup.

The Welsh league system is ranked by UEFA in 45th place (out of 52 current members), on par with Northern Ireland and close to the likes of Azerbaijan and Malta. Therefore teams who come top of the league must start at the very early stages of European competitions such as the UEFA Cup.

The game is popular in all parts of Wales particularly in the north and in towns or cities where there teams play in the English league or the Welsh premier league. The demand for tickets at competitive Wales internationals are usually high and Wales are one of the best supported nations in the world. The game is most popular with the working class in Wales particularly in inner city areas and council estates.

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 Welsh football league system
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