Richard Llewellyn

Richard Llewellyn (real name Richard David Vivian Llewellyn Lloyd) (December 8, 1906 – November 30, 1983) was a British novelist.

Only after his death was it discovered that his claim to be Welsh-born was false, but he did have Welsh blood. His novels were written in English with a Welsh theme, the best-known being, “How Green Was My Valley” (1939), which won international acclaim and was made into a classic Hollywood film. It immortalised the way of life of the South Wales mining communities, where Llewellyn spent a small amount of time with his grandfather. He died in 1983.

His works include –

  • How Green Was My Valley (1939)
  • None but the Lonely Heart (1943)
  • A Few Flowers for Shiner (1950)
  • Up into the Singing Mountain (1960)
  • Down Where the Moon is Small (1966)
  • Green, Green My Valley Now (1975)

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