These pages were created to show a non-Welsh speaker some of the words used in the Welsh languages. They are not designed to teach Welsh, but to show some of the words in everyday use in Wales by Welsh speakers and non-Welsh speakers alike.

These pages are still under construction and we are currently having a very lively debate with our Welsh speakers contributors from all over the Principality about what should be included. Please leave your comments in the form below or on the relevant page(s).

For a good primer on learning Welsh we highly recommend Welsh in a Year by Jen Llywelyn (ISBN: 086243968X).

Editor’s Note: We hope to have audio clips so you can hear the pronunciation of each word or phrase spoken by a variety of speakers from all over Wales in the near future but this site still receives no funding and resources (both time and money) are very scarce.

Update: The site Say Something in Welsh at http://www.saysomethinginwelsh.com/ has beaten up to it. In addition to great lessons with audio clips they also use Twitter to introduce you to two new Welsh words every day. A fantastic site and resource which we at Welsh Icons use frequently.

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