Cisco P Cat

Cisco P Cat (born May 31, 1998) is a Welsh new media artists.

Born in Brixton, London of Welsh parents she relocated to Cardiff, Wales in 2005. She has collaborated with many modern artists and in 2004 she worked with the Beck’s Futures shortlisted artist Donald Urquhart on the ‘Giraffe’ project and the award winning ‘A Present from the Garden’.

Whilst grounded in the disciplines of drawing and painting, her practice has diversified in recent year to encompass the use of a wide range of media including audio, text, video and photography. It is work that can be characterised as being reductive and highly formal, what has been referred to as “epic simplicity”, always seeking to engage the viewer in a quiet and poetical dialogue whilst at the same time retaining a fluid organic quality.

She has exhibited in both London and Cardiff and is currently working on a number of digital images of mice commissioned by the Media Industry Organisation of Wales.

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