Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas (August 1, 1926 – May 11, 1999) was a Welsh sculptor born in Cwmparc in the Rhondda Valley. He is best known for his work in bronze sculptures, many of which are on public display.

Having attended the Cardiff School of Art in the late 1940s, Thomas gained entry to the Royal College of Art in London and lived in the capital until 1971. Between 1953 and 1971 he taught at various art schools including Gravesend, Maidenhead and Ealing before returning to Wales to live in Barry.

Thomas received several commissions that are now public works of art, with permanent residency in major city centres. These include Hebe in Birmingham city centre and Aneurin Bevan in Cardiff. He has also produced busts, one of which, again of Aneurin Bevan, is located in the Houses of Parliament.

Cardiff Sculptures
Robert Thomas sculptures are prominently displayed in Cardiff Queen Street, in the heart of the Welsh capital’s shopping district. He has four on display there (i) Nye Bevan (at the head of Queen Street, opposite the Castle); (ii) Mother and Son; (iii) The Family; and (iv) The Miner.

Additionally, there is a bronze sculpture called The Girl at Gorsedd Gardens, opposite the National Museum.

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