Barry Power Station

Photograph by Michael Parry. Reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0

Barry Power Station is a 230MWe gas-fired power station on Sully Moors Road in Sully in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. It is eight miles west of Cardiff and is next to a large Ineos Vinyls chemicals works that makes PVC and a Hexion Chemicals plant.

Construction began in January 1997, and it was opened on September 7 1998, being owned by the AES Corporation, but trading as AES Barry Ltd. It was bought by Centrica on July 24 2003 for £39.7m. AES sold the plant because of the low price of electricity at that time.

It is a CCGT-type power station. There is one 160MWe Siemens V94.2 gas turbine (built by Ansaldo Energia in Genoa and now called the SGT5-400F) that feeds exhaust gas at 544C to a heat recovery steam generator. Steam from this enters a 75MWe steam turbine running, like the gas turbine, at 3000rpm. Any excess steam is passed through an air-cooled condenser and returned to the system as de-aerated feedwater for the HRSG. It connects to the Western Power Distribution section of the National Grid via a substation at 132kV. The generator on the gas turbine is rated at 180MVA and has a terminal voltage of 15kV; the steam turbine’s is 11kV.

Until 2000, it ran as a baseload station. The plant is 44% thermally efficient. The chimney is 60m high.

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