Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher (born 1957) is an author, broadcaster and adjudicator who lives in Newport, Wales. Her former jobs include working as a primary school teacher and archaeologist. She also taught Writing for Children at the University of Glamorgan.

She began writing poetry and wrote poems that were published in several anthologies. She also published three collections of poetry with Seren Publishing. The collection Immrama won the Welsh Arts Council Young Writers Prize and she also won the Cardiff International Poetry Competition; both in 1989.

Since the late 1980s she has written children’s fantasy. Her nineteen novels have been translated into seventeen languages and many of her novels have won or been shortlisted for literary awards.


  • Immrama (1988)
  • The Unexplored Ocean (1994)
  • Altered States (1999)


  • The Conjuror’s Game (1990)
  • Fintan’s Tower (1991)
  • Saint Tarvel’s Bell (1992)
  • The Snow-Walker trilogy:
    • The Snow-Walker’s Son (1993)
    • The Empty Hand (1995)
    • The Soul Thieves (1996)
  • The Candle Man (1994)
  • The Hare And Other Stories (1994)
  • Belin’s Hill (1997)
  • The Book of the Crow series:
    • The Relic Master (1998)
    • The Interrex (1999)
    • Flain’s Coronet (2000)
    • The Margrave (2001)
  • The Lammas Field (1999)
  • Darkwater Hall (2000)
  • Corbenic (2002)
  • The Oracle trilogy:
    • The Oracle (US title: The Oracle Betrayed) (2003)
    • The Archon (US title: The Sphere of Secrets) (2004)
    • The Scarab (US title: Day of the Scarab) (2005)
  • Darkhenge (2005)
  • The Weather Dress (2005)
  • Incarceron (2007)

Awards and nominations

  • 1995, The Candle Man won Best English-Language Book at the Tir na n-Og Awards
  • 2003, The Oracle shortlisted for the Whitbread Children’s Book Award
  • 2003, The Oracle nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best Work for Young Readers
  • 2007, Corbenic won the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature

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