Ramsey Island

Photograph © Janice Lane

Ramsey Island lies about 1 km off the coast of the St David’s peninsula in Pembrokeshire, southwestern Wales, UK.

Owned by the RSPB, the island has spectacular sea bird cliffs, coastal scenery and heathland. Ramsey has the most important grey seal breeding colony in southern Britain, and is one of the best sites in Wales to see choughs. Other breeding species include ravens, buzzards, peregrines, wheatears, gulls and auks.

With a permanent population of just 2 residents, (the warden and his wife), the island is otherwise uninhabited. Tourist boats sail to the island (7 days a week, Easter-31 October) from St Justinian’s on the mainland.

Ramsey Island is surrounded by a number of smaller islands, islets and rock clusters, including :-

  • Bancyn-ffald
  • The Bishops and Clerks group, including:
    • Carreg Rhoson and Maen Rhoson
    • Carreg-trai
    • Cribog
    • Daufraich and Maen Daufraich
    • Emsger or South Bishop
    • Llechau-isaf and Llechau-uchaf
    • Moelyn
    • North Bishop
  • Carreg-gwylan
  • Meini Duon
  • The Bitches
  • Trwynmynachdy
  • Ynys Bery
  • Ynys Cantwr
  • Ynys Eilun and Pont yr Eilun
  • Ynys Gwelltog

Photograph © Janice Lane

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