Glyn Davies MP Urges Powys Council to Ensure Recycling Provision Remains in Machynlleth

Glyn Davies MPGlyn Davies, MP for Montgomeryshire, has written to Powys County Council leader Barry Thomas regarding the Council’s plans to close the Potters Recycling Station in Machynlleth.

Glyn recently met with Cllr Thomas to discuss the Council’s consultation on the future of recycling in Machynlleth. He has now followed this up with a letter to Cllr Thomas to express his disappointment with the plans, and to urge the Council to ensure that alternatives are put in place should the Recycling Station be closed.

Glyn Davies MPs’ full letter to Cllr Thomas reads as follows:

“Thank you for meeting me as part of Powys County Council’s consultation on the future of recycling in Machynlleth. It is an important issue that has been raised with me by several residents of the town. While the Council’s recycling service is not, strictly speaking, a matter for me as your MP, anything which causes concern to my constituents causes concern to me.

“We both recognise that an efficient recycling service is crucial to the Council’s long term plans and I can only repeat my plea that you ensure such a service is delivered in Machynlleth. I do feel that to close the Potters Recycling Station would be a regressive and disappointing step to take. At the same time I do accept the Council has to address the anomaly that the recycling station serves local authority areas outside of Powys boundaries without proportional recompense. I encourage you to make every effort to reach a satisfactory arrangement with neighbouring councils.

“If the Council decides to go ahead and close Potters Recycling Yard after the consultation period is over, I very much hope you will consider putting in place effective alternative arrangements, such as more and expanded ‘Bring’ sites around the town and some form of collection service for other items. We do not want a return to rubbish being dumped in lay-bys and across the countryside.

“Thanks again for meeting me to discuss this important issue.”

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