Leanne Wood Hails Team Wales Commonwealth Triumph

Leanne Wood AMPlaid Leader Leanne Wood has today paid tribute to Team Wales for the Commonwealth Games triumph and has congratulated the team on surpassing their Games medal target.

Ms Wood, who attended the Games’ opening ceremony at Celtic Park said the whole country could be proud.

The Party of Wales leader said:

“Glasgow and Scotland put on a show that captured the imagination and I want to congratulate all involved in hosting the Commonwealth Games for organising such a memorable event.

“Wales can be immensely proud of its athletes who surpassed the medals target of 27 and will be coming home with 36 medals in total – the country’s best ever showing at a Commonwealth Games.

“Team Wales have done remarkably well to make such progress in such a short period – at the Delhi Games Team Wales won 19 medals.

“It was a particular highlight to see Frankie Jones win the David Dixon Award – a fitting recognition of her outstanding individual performance at these Games.

“Above all, the team have inspired and captured the imagination of a whole country and have left us with moments that will live long in the country’s sporting memory. They have demonstrated to us all what we can achieve when we pull together and set our minds to achieving shared goals.

“These Games will further whet the appetite for further exposure for Wales at the global sporting level and I reiterate my support for a Welsh bid to host a future Commonwealth Games – it has been 56 years after all and we have so much to offer as potential hosts.”

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